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About Us


China Art Financial Holdings Limited is a leading art finance service provider in China. We provide art finance services under two business segments: (1) art and asset lending business and (2) art and asset auction business. We are principally engaged in the art lending business and art auction business.

According to Frost & Sullivan Report, in 2015, we were the largest art lending service provider in China in terms of revenue; the second largest art auction house in Jiangsu province in terms of aggregate art auction revenue and the largest auction house for Zisha Artworks in China in terms of Zisha Artwork auction revenue.

We are headquartered in Yixing, Jiangsu, which is the only origin of Zisha clay, the major raw material for producing Zisha Artworks, Yixing city is also well known for its production of Zisha Artworks and where some of famous Zisha Artworks masters are based. Our focus is on artworks which are mainly contemporary Zisha Artworks, Paintings and Calligraphies, and jewels.

(Last updated on May 10, 2016)