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Wan Yajian

Wan was born in 1980 in Ding Shu county of Yixing. After graduated from university, Wan joined the Zisha Art Production Centre and learnt the skill of creating Zisha artworks from his cousin Wan Ya Jun. 
     For many years, Wan's devotion in Zisha has made him a very outstanding artist in the field. He continued to improve his skill and had the chance to follow and learn from his aunt, Shu Feng Ying. Shu is already a very well-known and senior artist in Zisha.
     Zisha artworks by Wan carry a lot of feeling, emotion and very often innovative in design and expression. He insists on wholly hand-made Zisha artwork which he said is the only way to create his soul in each and every Zisha artwork.
     Wan is a member of the Jiangsu Ceramic Industry Association and Zisha Industry Association.


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