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Chen Zongbao

In 1990, Chen followed the footsteps of his father and worked in Yixing Zisha factory. He learnt sculpture and painting from famous masters of time including Shao Jia Sheng in 1994 and Sun Bo Chun in 1996. 
     In the year 2000 Chen joined Long De Tang and learnt the art of making Zisha from the legendary Zisha master Fan Ze Feng. Later on, Chen continued to study at the Ceramic Art and Craft College. 
     Chen is specialized in design, sculpture, painting and carving. He did a lot of research on Zisha and his Zisha artwork creation often reveals his painting and carving skills.
     Through the years, Chen has held many solo exhibitions with honors. Chen's works of art have won numerous national and international gold awards and his Zisha artworks are collected by many museums.


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