Gu Jingzhou's Antique and Sang Bian at the Autumn Auction of Jiangsu Hexin


On December 21, 2018, at the autumn auction in Hexin, Jiangsu, Gu Jingzhou and Fan Zeng collaborated to sell the imitation drum pot (flat belly) for a high price of 28.75 million yuan.

This pot is a classic masterpiece created in collaboration between Master Gu Jingzhou and Fan Zeng, and the calligraphy and painting on the pot are personally engraved by Mr. Gu. Crafted from high-quality purple clay, the fetal bones are delicate and have a radiant color.

The pot is flat belly shaped, with a round body and two mother and child lips between the lid. The bones and flesh are evenly distributed and the proportion is moderate; With a tight bottom and a short curved flow, the circular handle leaves a small drooping ear, just right, adding a lively and steady aura to the elegance.

The three elements of form, spirit, and qi are integrated, showcasing the grandeur of the world.

Accompanied by the calligraphy and painting masterpieces of Fan Zeng, it exudes a literary charm and leaves a lasting impression, shining in the simplicity of the past. One side of the pot is painted with a picture of children and elderly playing;

On the other side, there is an inscription "Le Fu Tian Ming Fu Xi Yi", which reads from Tao Yuanming's "Ci of Returning Home". The "Ci of Returning Home" emphasizes the author's disgust and disdain for the dark officialdom, praises the natural scenery and labor life in the countryside, and also demonstrates his determination to retire.

"Le Fu Tian Ming Fu Xi Yi" means: Take Tian Ming as a source of joy, why hesitate or wander?
The cover is praised as a "masterpiece of Master Jingzhou"

Years later, when Fan Zengyi collaborated with Gu Lao, he said, "That's the most rustic purple clay model I've ever seen, which is very pleasing to the eye. Moreover, Mr. Gu Jingzhou's carving skills are also top-notch in my opinion. It's not only because of his good knife and technique, but also because he can understand my skillful use of the center's brushstrokes, convey my artistic charm, not only fully display the artistic conception, but also have a strong taste of gold and stone and a scholarly atmosphere."

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