Inviting You to Taste - Hanmo Rhyme Fragrance · Calligraphy and Painting Special Session


In this calligraphy and painting special session, a total of 100 high-quality works were from a large collection of works, with a focus on authenticity, representativeness, and delicacy. The works have rich themes and content that is passed down from the past to the new, which will definitely meet the taste needs of different collectors. The development of Chinese calligraphy and painting in modern times has been accompanied by the rise of numerous schools, whose creative passion has flourished unprecedentedly. The content, techniques, and artistic spirit are also constantly enriched and innovated. This calligraphy and painting special session contains many representative schools and works of famous artists in modern times, and its artistic value is worth pondering and tasting by collectors.

Modern China is in a period of dramatic changes, during which various cultural conflicts and ideas are intertwined and illuminated. The development of society, the transformation of history, and the collision of traditional and modern ideas have left an indelible mark on Chinese calligraphy and painting. We can see that modern Chinese calligraphy and painting can be described as a generation of famous artists, with various themes inherited and developed in artistic expression forms. These painting masters each have their own strengths, and their artistic connotations and collection value cannot be underestimated.

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