The 8th Asian Art Finance Forum was held to support cultural industry cooperation and innovation


The 8th Asian Art Finance Forum, with the theme of "Humanities Leading New Wealth and Digital Empowering New Consumption," opened in Shanghai on November 6th. This forum focuses on the transformation and upgrading of the art industry, and through the forum, helps to promote cooperation and innovation in the art finance industry, promoting high-quality development of China's cultural economy.

The opening ceremony of the 8th Asian Art Finance Forum. Photo by Chen Dong

This forum was invited to the China International Import Expo, guided by UNESCO, the China Cultural Relics Exchange Center, the China Association for the Promotion of Cultural and Art Development, and the Shanghai Federation of Modern Service Industries. It was hosted by the Asian School of Art Finance and Business, a 30 person think tank for globally listed companies, and the Humanities and Arts Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Since its first session in 2016, the forum has been held seven times in Shanghai.

At the opening ceremony of the forum, Tan Ping, Director of the China Cultural Relics Exchange Center, Xiao Wunan, Executive Vice Chairman of the Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation, Executive Chairman of the World Museum Federation, and Vice President of the China Association for Social, Economic and Cultural Exchange, as well as Irene Pivetti, former Speaker of the Italian House of Representatives and Chairman of the Italian Association for Friendship with China, delivered speeches and wished the forum a complete success.

At this forum, scholars and experts from cultural and financial research institutions from some universities in China, domestic banking industry, International Evaluation Standards Council, well-known auction companies, and other units gave speeches on topics such as "The Potential and Risks of Art Finance", "Promoting the Bi-directional Integration of AI Models and Context IPs on Metaverse Platforms in Art Finance", "Making Finance the Engine of Art Development",and "Experience as the King - the Bi-directional Journey of Art and Commerce".

During the forum, the 2023 White Paper on Art Finance was also released. This white paper provides a comprehensive introduction to the development and relevant policy norms in the field of art finance, as well as the future development opportunities in the field of art finance.

At the same time, to further expand project cooperation in the digital field and promote high-quality development of the cultural industry. This forum has also improved its dissemination effect and public attention through online live streaming, adding a lot of brightness to this year's CIIE. (End)

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